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Stop Foreclosure in Michigan

If you are facing a foreclosure in Michigan and you need to stop foreclosure a chapter 13 bankruptcy might just be your solution. Once you file for chapter 13 bankruptcy you will go under bankruptcy protection or automatic stay. Then a reorganization plan gets submitted to the bankruptcy court. The plan will allow you to catch your mortgage up of a period of years while paying your regular payment through the plan. You can also wipe out a home equity loan or csecnd mortage. If you are looking for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney in Michigan you should call me so we can me I can explain how a chapter 13 will stop a foreclosure. This is Federal law. If you think the mortgage company won't work with you. You are right, put yourself into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and you take it out of their control.

There are other option on a chapter 13. You can do a cram down on a car which allows you to reduce the princple and the inrest rate. You can pay taxes or other dischargable debt in a Chapter 13.

If you have a sheriff sale date you need a bankruptcy lawyer. Once the sheriff sale takes place a chapter 13 will not help you. You will still have the redemption period but your only option at that point is to pray for a loan mod. The percentage of people that get loan mods is very low. A Bankruptcy attorney is worth your time to take with one. If you are looking for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Michigan then it might be a good investiment of your time to invest with me to save your most prized posession.

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