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Dumping Second Mortgages

If you file a Chapter 13 in Michigan you can lien strip a a mortgage. If you owe more on the first mortgage then the house is worth then you can file a Chapter 13 and wipe out the second mortgage as unsecured debt. This is federal law. The holder of the second mortgage is fairly powerless to stop it. The only defense they can argue is that you are not upside down on the house. But a simple appraisial will usually shut up any objection to a lien strip.

The process for a lien strip in Michigan does require an adversary to be filed in Federal Bankruptcy Court. I usually don't charge for that. Most attorneys do. Especially, the Big firms. I am just glad to help you get a fresh start and get on with your life.

I am telling you if you have a Home equity loan or a second mortgage and your house is upside down then you should come talk. Once your house goes back in value you might not have the option to file a lien strip. If you are thinking about lien stripping a mortgage and you need a Chapter 13 attorney in Michigan call me I will help you.


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