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If you’re considering bankruptcy, you’re probably worried by the following questions:

  1. Will the bankruptcy destroy my financial future?
  2. Will it be a shameful experience?
  3. Will I even be able to afford it?

Well, I’m here to calm your fears and give you the sense of relief and freedom you’ve been seeking for so long. Here’s the thing about credit: It’s what got you to where you are in the first place! Credit is nothing more than the measure of how deep you’re allowed to go into debt. Do you really want to get out of debt, so you can go right back into it? There are ways to reestablish credit relatively quickly, which we can talk about, but I just want to drive this point home hard: Good credit is not your goal. Freedom, financial security, and options are.

Bankruptcy is not shameful. What it can and should be is a strategic choice to regain your freedom. You were not meant to spend your life as a slave to predatory lenders. That’s why I’m passionate about what I do. You deserve freedom.

How Chapter 7 Works:

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a liquidation bankruptcy. What that means to the average consumer looking to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is that it gets rid of unsecured debt. Usually credit card, medical bills, and personal loans. You recieve a discharge of your debts. You get a Federal Order stating you do not legally owe your debt. You are relieved. You get a fresh start. It relieves stress and gets rid of pain. Call me 810-632-9160.

Most of the time you will be able to keep secured debt. If you have a car loan you do what is called a reaffirmation agreement and you keep paying your car. However you are not required to reaffirm debt. You can chose to surrender it and walk away.

Why the Bill Collectors MUST Stop:

The automatic stay is the legal term for bankruptcy protection. It referrs to section 362 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. In a nutshell, all collection activity stops upon filing of your case. Creditors can’t call you, sue you, repossess, foreclose. In short, they can’t do anything anymore. If a creditor violates this bankruptcy protection, you can sue and collect damages. The Courts take a hard view against creditors that disrespect and violate Court orders. It’s in their interest to obey, and them obeying leads to freedom for you.

You Can Keep Your Belongings:

You are able to keep your personal belongings. There are exemptions to personal assets. However, if you have no exempt assets, you might lose them. One way to make sure you keep them is to file for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. If something is exempt, that means its yours to keep. Section 522 governs the law for exemptions.

Basically the exemptions are: Equity in your residence is exempt to $18,450. If you do not have a house or you are upside down, you can use that as a wild card of up to $9,850. Plus, there is a wild card exemption of $975. There is a household goods and furnishings exemption of $9850.00 per person, Auto of $2,950, Jewerly of $1225, 401 K, IRA, and there are a number of other exemptions. As you can see, it is quite feasible to keep your belongings with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Why We’re Different:

We care:

My office offers a free consultation. Call me at 810-632-9160. Call right now, and we will schedule a meeting to sit down one on one and develop a clear and detailed plan to get you out from under this unreasonable burden you’ve been carrying. Life is too short to spend it as a slave to creditors who care for nothing but your money.

My Office offers a very unique service, because we give each client personalized care. I’m not a big firm, and that works toward your advantage. I can afford to give you the most competitive price available in Michigan, because I don’t have tons of overhead. I can also afford to give your case the personal attention it deserves. I will meet with you personally, and together, we will determine what your options are. If you decide you want to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, my fees are the best around. I offer a low attorney fee without any hidden costs. Usually $899 for a Chapter 7 (plus a court filing fee of $306 and an inexpensive credit counseling class, both of which I personally receive nothing for). My out the door price is right around a $1205, total. I usually have your case ready to file within 4 to 7 days. Many attorneys charge you extra to get your case ready that quick. I believe you’ve already had enough of people taking advantage of your financial situation. I will also do the administrative closing to stop all lawsuits.

We Serve Michigan:

If you want creditors to leave you alone today, call me. I can get those bill collectors off your back. My office is conveniently located in Hartland, Michigan at U.S. 23 and M59. I am 20 minutes from Flint, 30 mintues from Ann Arbor, and about 50 minutes from Detroit. I’m in Livingston County but serving Oakland County, Wayne County, Wastenaw County, And all surrounding areas.

You need an expert attorney that will be available and have a sense of urgency. You need someone who will not over charge you and will not have hidden fees. I am a qualty Michigan bankruptcy attorney. I am not a bankruptcy mill. I am a counsumer bankruptcy attorney that will fight for your rights.

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