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Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

Under the 2005 banbkruptcy reform act http://www.justice.gov/ust/eo/bapcpa/index.htm the law requires a budget and credit counseling class before you can file and a debtor education course after you file but before you get your discharge. Of course being the affordable bakruptcy attorney I am I use a company that charges $10.95 for part one and $10.95 for part 2. That's right the budget and credit counseling for $10 and the debtor education course $10.

You will do both parts on this website


You can also use Green Path. I don't recommend Greenpath www.greenpath.com but they do allow you to do it over the phone if you don't have access to a computer. They charge $50 for part 1 and $40 for part two.

Another company that I endorse is HummingBird Credit Counseling at www.hbcce.org they are $49 for part one and $19 for part 2.

As to when you have to do the second part is anytime after you file but within 60 of your 341 Meeting of creditors.

One company I don't recommend is sage personal finance. They will send you an official looking form that says your case will be dismissed unless you go online and do your debtor education class. They try to scare people. So you end up paying $25 instead of $10.

If you are looking for an affordable bankruptcy attorney in Michigan you have come to the right place. If you are going to come to my office that is located in Hartland MI then go ahead and do part one now at www.getbankruptcycertificate.com Have them email it to law4less@aol.com. It will take a good hour for part one and two hours for part 2.

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