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Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are bankrupt the last thing you want is some bankruptcy attorney in Michigan telling you how good they are and how much they charge. What you want is an affordable bankruptcy attorney. I am a Bankruptcy attorney in Hartland Michigan and I am affordable. I charge $750 for attorney fees for a chapter 7 plus ther is a $306 filing fee that goes to the court. That is an out the door price. There is not a bunch of extras for this or for that. I am a bankruptcy attorney in Michigan that believes everyone should be able to afford to get the creditors off your back and be debt free. As a Bankruptcy attorney in Hartland I also do chapter 13s.

You might ask how is my price for a chapter 13 bankruptcy? They are not $5000 like some of the big firms charge. My fee is usually $3500 with a small down payment and the balance to be pais through the reorganization plan.

I believe if you need to file for bankruptcy and you need an affordable attorney you should be able to get one, IF you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Michigan for the amount of service you will get I am the best bang for your buck. There are attorneys out there that advertise chapter 7 for $300 even for $199 if it sounds to good to be true it is. These guys lure you in then up sell and charge extra for everything. Why would you go anywhere else?

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